CPR SAVE App is released (MVP) for private trial with the City of Santa Monica

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Laypeople and medical professionals can join the responder network in less than 30 seconds. You will be notified if you are near someone that needs CPR. Directions are provided if you decide to respond.

CPR SAVE will be distributed by commercial agencies, under a private label, attracting new clients and providing value directly to existing ones.

Users of CPR SAVE will have direct access to lifesaving CPR, provided by the largest crowdsourced network in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of an app like this?

315,000 Americans die each year from out-of-hospital cardiac failure (heart attack+), causing $150 million in losses to the life insurance industry. By saving lives, we also save insurers money and give them a new way to market their products. Life saving is the primary objective, and by lowering costs and adding value to our clients' marketing effort, we are able to reach the most amount to people in the shortest amount of time.

Don't you need a lot of responders for this to be effective?

Yes. More than thirty million Americans are trained each year in CPR. We are working with the largest training organizations to get these people in the network.

Is there a cost?

Initially the technology will be deployed by our channel partners in the health care industry who will decide if there is a cost to the end user.
Once released into the app stores, there will be a nominal monthly service fee.


Great idea, how'd you come up with it?

Personal experiences with heart attacks and CPR, both positive and negative in outcome, have provided inspiration to solve a problem that kills 360,000 Americans each year. To learn more click on the photo above to view a news video with our founder.

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